We specialize in manufacturing brackets and pipe-supports, stairways, catwalks, platforms, and foundation structures for the oil & gas industry. We have the machinery, equipment, and a dedicated, experienced staff to bend, mold, shape, and or cut metal to your specific needs. Along with our experienced in-house staff, we have a field sales representative dedicated to the Natural Gas Industry. We can custom design and fabricate for any project large and small, call us today for more information.

Sample Custom Products

  • TSS 8" 600RF Pig Launcher/Receiver – various size options available

    W/ Optional Pig Load/Extractor/Lifting Rig. Optional galvanized bar grading platform. All Pig Launcher/ Receivers utilize TerraTek Support System® Adjustable Brackets.

  • Gas Industry Pipe Support Brackets

  • Fabricated Tee Slide Assembly PTFE

    Carbon Steel Tee and Base. PTFE Bonded Slide Plates




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